Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ohhhhhh Feathers!

This past Saturday was so lovely outside that Eric and I decided to take a trip to "The Dog Park" for a little sunning and funning... but mostly just a little puppy dog loving! The weekends he comes down to my house, we have made it a bit of a habit to go to the park, sit on the rocks and watch the dogs play and swim and fetch. We take turns naming the various dog breeds that walk by, fantasizing about which one would be a perfect fit for us one day! Completely nerdy, I know, but really great all the same! Before I allowed us to get lost in our version of doggy heaven, Eric became my little photographer boy and took some great shots of my new headbands. Yay fun!








All of these headbands are available now in my etsy shop!


Thera Joyce said...

Oh my gosh! I love those bow headbands. So cute! Your stuff is amazing.


Bluebird Russian said...

I really enjoy the crochet items. I'm a new follower and thought we might get along. I look forward to reading more post.

aleisha from bluebird russian

Jen said...

These are gorgeous!

Nikki said...

ohh, they are beautiful :)