Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Treat

The people whom we bought our house from were kind enough to plant a few things in our garden before we moved in. One of these yummy things is rhubarb. The first time I experienced rhubarb was actually just this year, baked into a delicious pie Eric's grandmother made. Since it is now growing tall and strong, I decided to give rhubarb a go and see if I could make something super tasty.

Blueberry Rhubarb Brown Betty

I used fresh rhubarb straight from my garden and many handfuls of blueberries that are in a huge box in my freezer. I actually found it really helpful that the blueberries were frozen so when I was mixing in the other ingredients, they didn't smush.

Add 1 Tb flour, 1/2 c sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 Tb water and a few squirts of lemon juice to your fruit mixture and stir. Let sit for about 10 minutes or so to allow the juices to come out.

In a separate dish, put 6 Tb butter, 6 Tb flour, 1/2 c of brown sugar, and some sprinkles of cinnamon. Mix together.

Add 1/2 c of rolled oats

Put the fruit mixture into your pie dish and crumble your crumbs on top. Put in oven set to 350 and cook for about 30 minutes. Keep checking to make sure your crumble isn't burning.

So yummy!!!!! :) Enjoy with vanilla ice cream on top while still warm!



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacay by the Sea


I have been a very absent blogger over the past two weeks and I want you all to know I've missed you so so much! I took a much needed vacation by the ocean and spent many hours with my family and friends. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything and be able to simply enjoy my time with my family.

The photos above are...
1. Super yummy strawberry shortcake my friend Shawny made for his birthday last Monday.
2. My auntie came all the way in from Oregon to hang out and it was so great to see her!
3. I took a ride in a ferris wheel at the jersey shore.
4. The mini infinity scarf in a gorgeous custom color combination I made for a customer this past week. I LOVE making custom orders so please ask if you have something in mind!!! ;)

I hope you all are enjoying the last days of August. We just had a massive thunderstorm and I can feel a cooler breeze floating in through the window... ah... feels like fall! Yay! :)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Autumn is Coming!


I have been MIA in blog world all week, but in real life I have been crocheting my little fingers to the bone! This weekend I am heading down to Margate NJ to do an outdoor craft show on Saturday. If you are in the area, or would like to spend a gorgeous(Yes, the weather is supposed to be nice!!) day at the beach, come down and say hi! :)

I've been making a bunch of new things with gorgeous new fall colors that I put in my shop this week because I just couldn't wait anymore. Making their debut on Saturday will also be super cute scallop collars that nobody has seen yet!



Hope to meet some of you there! :)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone Else's Life


Eric and I have started ripping apart the one upstairs bedroom, (ie: he does the dirty stuff and I bring him water when he is thirsty!) We are pulling up the carpet so we can fix the original wide hard wood floors and pulling down the plaster on the walls to re-do it plus put in some more electric outlets while it is down.

While ripping down the plaster, Eric has found lots of treasures! So far, he found old records cracked in pieces and stuck in the plaster, an old check from 1983, a picture of a super cute puppy, (also from 1983) some mickey mouse playing cards and a police badge of some sort. It's so strange to me how and why these objects found their way into the plaster to begin with... almost eerie... Who were the people that lived in this house before us and all of the people before them? When you purchase a home from the 1850s, you know that obviously you aren't the first, and most likely will not be the last people to live here. However, it is still a weird feeling when you come across these old possessions. Someone else's life...






Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Mondays + SALE

My personal anthem for summer, I just ADORE The Naked and Famous. They are so much fun! I got to see them live a few months ago and this weekend I will get to see them perform again for free at the Piazza in Philly, STOKED! :)

Also, Happy August! Can you believe how fast this summer is flying by? Because there are only 30 days until September and my favorite season is quickly approaching, I am offering 20% off anything in my store today and tomorrow only. Use coupon code SUMMERSALE when checking out to receive your reduced price.