Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone Else's Life


Eric and I have started ripping apart the one upstairs bedroom, (ie: he does the dirty stuff and I bring him water when he is thirsty!) We are pulling up the carpet so we can fix the original wide hard wood floors and pulling down the plaster on the walls to re-do it plus put in some more electric outlets while it is down.

While ripping down the plaster, Eric has found lots of treasures! So far, he found old records cracked in pieces and stuck in the plaster, an old check from 1983, a picture of a super cute puppy, (also from 1983) some mickey mouse playing cards and a police badge of some sort. It's so strange to me how and why these objects found their way into the plaster to begin with... almost eerie... Who were the people that lived in this house before us and all of the people before them? When you purchase a home from the 1850s, you know that obviously you aren't the first, and most likely will not be the last people to live here. However, it is still a weird feeling when you come across these old possessions. Someone else's life...







The Girl With a Feather said...

Wow, what a wonderful find! I love it when objects, clothes and even houses have a history! Thank you for your lovely comment too :)

manzanita said...

wow that is pretty amazing. I am so jealous of your old north eastern home. I went to high school in PA and Colorado just does not have the same aesthetic as the North East and I totally miss it!

Amber Marie said...

This is beyond awesome! That just doesn't happen everyday to every one! Lucky you!

Jamie Rose said...

How neat to find these random old things that have been squatting in your house without your knowledge! That puppy picture is amazing!

Natalie said...

I wish something like this was sitting waiting for me to discover at my house!

M.M.E. said...

Oh, how strange! I always hoped that I could find things like that. But, yes, it would be a little creepy.

Miss Donata said...

nice photos!!! =))


Lyosha said...

oh what a great find! I love the puppe image!

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