Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Is The New Baby...


Back in college, Eric started writing these ridiculously goofy, amazing comics and hanging them around the art building. People loved them so much that he started silk screening them onto Tshirts to give to friends! I have always told him he should do something with them... write a book... make and sell more shirts... the options I think are endless. He recently just started putting them on tumblr and I am so proud and happy he is finally letting the internet world see his incredible art. Eric literally has hundreds of them so he will continue to update frequently. Here are some of my favorites...



This one I am proud to say was written for me!(I do have quite the large appetite! ;)

And to get you into the holiday spirit...


For more hilariousness, visit Eric's Tumblr HERE!


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Kenziefaith said...

Haha - I seriously love these!

KF x