Friday, December 3, 2010

And the Unpacking Begins...

Vintage MAXIMILLIAN leather suitcases-- Three piece set - 2 suitcases Train case - Stacking -- 1940s

I am officially all moved in to our new apartment! It is quite a relief to be finished all of the packing(which I found to be so hard! Thank god for Ashley and her helpfulness yesterday! ah!) But now comes I think an even tougher part... the unpacking... dun DUN duuunnnnnn! As one of the biggest procrastinators, I am trying to go against my nature and get everything done in a timely manner. This is important... for Eric's sake... ;) Wish me luck!

Once we get this place in order I will post pictures. It's quite cute!



Chaucee said...

That's so cool we live in the same area! Any other good shops you know of like Love Illuminati?

Janelle Haskin said...

I know! :) I love Shimmer and Spice in Philly too but Love is pretty unique... there should be more shops like it... or not.. because then it maybe wouldn't be as special.