Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Snow Shower + SALE



Today I woke up to a lawn covered, snowy yard! It's always so funny when it snows in the spring... One last hurrah I suppose! :) In honor of what I hope is our last snow day this spring, I put my Scalloped Afghan on temporary sale! Normally $300 doll hairs, I marked it down to $220. The time for beautiful spring weddings is in the air and I myself gave this to my fiance's sister on her wedding day. They absolutely loved it and say they use it all the time! It is made out of a soft cream wool/acrylic blend with a golden sparkle weaved throughout. I can make this in other colors too, so please ask! :)

While checking out the snuggly couch blanket, don't forget to see what else is on sale!!



Anonymous said...

Great blog, you have some really great pictures


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