Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning + Special Discount

Happy Sunday my dear friends! This morning Eric and I woke up, cooked a delicious brunch of blueberry pancakes and crispy honey bacon and got down to business... Cleaning Day was among us! DUN dun DUUNNNN!!! I personally DREAD with all my heart cleaning. I love when it is finished(like right now and I can relax with a cup of hot lemon water(I know, I'm 90!) but until then I will make any excuse in the book to do some other activity. (Even exercise...)(Ugh!) I like taking numerous breaks throughout my given chores and often get sidetracked while Eric is busy scrubbin' away... Oh, he is so lucky to have me! ;)

I started taking some photos of the apartment and though I feel comfortable in our little living space, I realize it doesn't photograph as nicely... the walls are still pretty bare (we have some wonderful illustrations that need to still be framed) and we are missing some key essentials such as a kitchen table. So, instead of taking you on a tour, I instead want to share some of my favorite elements of our cozy little love nest.

I am deeply in love with our antique wooden ironing board turned coffee table. I also am quite fond of our circular area rug I found at Urban Outfitters for 30 bucks! Woohoo!

Here you can see more of the coffee table plus the couch where I am sitting right now! ;)

I purchased this incredible ceramic floral vase from Anthropologie months before we even moved into our place. It was love at first site and I knew I couldn't leave the store without it!

A few years ago, Eric bought me these amazing antique cast iron dog statues for Christmas. I have a strange and loving obsession with pups and these little cuties are just two of the many little dog knick-knacks floating around our home.

Now for the ***Special Discount***
In honor of spring cleaning day, I am offering all of my lovely readers and friends 20% off everything in my shop now through Thursday! Take advantage and stock up on all kinds of cozy winter goodies for next years big snow storms while purchasing some of springs biggest crochet trends!

Make sure to use coupon code: SPRINGCLEANING when checking out! ;)



Anna Walker said...

That vase is amazing and it must me a conversation starter! :D
The cast iron puppies are adorable too!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

such a good idea with the old wooden ironing board!

Maycie After Five said...

Your coffee table is so cool! I love it.

Nubia said...

You have some really cool pieces =) good luck spring cleaning

AgelessThings said...

Great post, nice writing.
Love the wood floors and the rug is fab!

ChiccaStyle said...

Love your Etsy shop!!!

lauren said...

I love your coffee table! And I also love your blinds! Such a pretty color.
xoxo Lauren