Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Rewind


This weekend was truly and utterly fantastical. Friday evening I made my way to Philadelphia, weekend bag and funfetti cupcakes in tote, for a ladies night sleepover partaayy. We kicked off the night right with a huge bottle of white wine, followed by some sparkly champagne and a delicious lemon/garlic tilapia dinner. Although we had girly games on hand such as mall madness, we ended up getting a bit too tipsy and silly to sit still and simply play a game.

Saturday started off right by a late wake up call and eggs, bacon and whole wheat toast for breakfast(we tend to center most events around yummy food and good drinks, can you tell!?) We then proceeded to get dressed and head over to the Yards Brewing Company for a tour + yummy samples. It was really chill and I highly suggest going there if ever in the Philadelphia area. We then had lunch, more beer and went on back to the house for some quiet time before our big night of dancing. We ended up going to Silk City for an 'Anything You Can Shake Your Hips To' party and boy, did I ever shake my hips! I woke up this morning feeling like my body had been swinging around in circles all night. The above photo was taken before we got all sweaty and out of control! I may add some more photos to this post later on!

My lunch today! Grilled Krispe Kreme Donut with a mini burger and Chocolate covered Bacon from PYT... Heaven in my mouth! :)

I feel like I have some of the most amazing friends in the world and even though I live a bit far away from them now, I really appreciate the weekends we get to spend together. It was so great and I can't wait for our next big girly weekend! :)

Do you and your friends have girly weekends and if so, what do you do?



Jamie Rose said...

That burger looks very interesting and also very tasty! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend!

Miranda said...

You are rockin' that red lipstick girl!



haha funny first pic! (:

Tereza Anton said...

Sweet! I love my weekends! I love a girly time, sweet days, walking, a drink, party hard :)).

Mikimoto Angel said...

You two are sweet! The food looks great as well. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph