Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Mondays + A Touch of Nostalgia

Nostalgia Number One...

I've been in a Dashboard type of mood lately, which is very high school of me. I believe this has been going on since Tuesday night when my friends and I went to a super fun party in Philadelphia called 'MakeoutClub.' They play all types of fun dancy-emo music and everyone sings super loud and it is all very nostalgic.

My gorgeous friends and I at MakeOuTClub. Photo by FameLust

Nostalgia Number Two...


I became nostalgic again yesterday while unpacking my grandmothers fancy china. I remember countless holidays setting the table with this said china, and it made me miss my mom-mom something fierce! I'm so thankful to have so many of her beautiful things now in our house, I think she would be really happy to see Eric and I using everything. :)



CoolBites said...

So so beautiful and lovely your grandma's china. It's so sweet to keep her belongings with you now ;))

Teddi said...

the name of that club ;) sigh about your mom.