Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beaucoup d'amour pour le français!


Yesterday I found out the most exciting news! French magazine, Version Femina, featured my large bow headband in navy in an accessory article. It is always so nice when unexpected things happen regarding my shop. A huge thanks to everyone for always supporting me and giving me the kindest words throughout the years I've been in business!


This headband makes a wonderful and adorable added touch to most autumn attire. It is available for purchase in my shop in a slew of colors! ;)



Larissa said...

Really nice photos on your blog, i like it <3

maye you want to have a look at my blog?

Greets, Larissa

charlene chiong said...

thanks for the lovely comment :-) love your photos by the way :-) XOXO

| miss rhea | said...

hey your blog is so beautiful just like you :)
blogwalking here, mind to follow each others? let me know.