Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Mondays

The Killers- Everything Will Be Alright

This past week has been a rough one... The world lost a truly great person, someone I've known since elementary school. I am heading home today to attend my dear friend's funeral on Tuesday... It's going to be a horrible day. I don't think the reality of things has officially set in yet... All I know is I will greatly miss our random run ins, or him telling the karaoke host to turn off my microphone because I'm tone deaf. Oh life... :(

This song has always been the sound of melancholy to me. It hits my heart hard and I've always really loved it. It seemed to be appropriate for today's musical selection.

Be safe, my friends.



Jamie Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Feel better soon! Someday it'll hurt less.

kirstyb said...

sorry for your loss xxx

Kristie Was Here said...

I'm so sorry! Attending friend's funerals was one of the hardest things for me--I lost two friends from high school when they were in their early 20's. It sucked. It was painful. And my heart really goes out to you. The realization that someone so special is no longer around to create memories with was a hard thing for me to swallow. You will be in my thoughts, dear one.
Just hugs,

Janelle Haskin said...

Thank you guys for your super sweet comments, I truly appreciate it!!! xoxooxxo

Teddi said...