Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving Weekend!

This weekend, Eric and I are able to start moving our things into our new house! We are both so excited to get out of the apartment and start making the house feel like our own. Being little Miss Procrastination, I of course have yet to start packing... but thats what today is for, right!? ;)

Here are some things I found on Etsy that I would love to have in our new home.

Apple Green Finial Shelf by Funkiefinds

Lewiston I. Diamond Point CHANDELIER Light by LampGoods

Grow Your Own Food print by bluebicicletta

Wolf Den Coat Rack by cantileverandpress

everyday yellow ochre on white passionflower linen napkins set of 4 by giardino

So, you know... if anyone wants to buy us a present... ;)



A Cup of Sparkle said...

Sounds exciting. I love moving into new houses :) Have fun!

giardino said...

Janelle, good luck with the moving!
Thanks for featuring my hand printed linen napkins in your wish list for your new digs:)
I love your choices, especially the diamond point chandeliers!

Nicole | Blue Bicicletta said...

gorgeous picks! I just moved too, and I would especially love a set of those gorgeous napkins! Thanks for including my drawing in your lineup!

Jamie Rose said...

That coat rack is super cool! I need one so badly and am always on the lookout for interesting ones.

kayemkay said...

I'm packing today too. Bah.

Jo said...

Eek! Best of luck with the big move! P.s. I looove the green shelf! Gorgeous! <3

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