Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up shortly(July 23 to be exact!) so yesterday, just for fun I created a birthday wish list treasury on Etsy and I think it looks pretty nice! I featured some of my most favorite sellers and items and I hope you enjoy! :)

Picture 4
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Last night the hot, humid dreadful weather has seemed to of been taken away by a nice fall-like breeze. It makes me yearn for autumn and boots and capes and fire pits more than I can even say! I love the sound of the large maple tree out back rustling in the breeze. Autumn in this house is going to be incredible, I just know it!!! :)



Anonymous said...

We have the same birthday! Leo's rule! Lovin your birthday wish list.

Here's to a rad birthday!


Sher said...

I love this idea! I want to make a treasury wish list. You mind if I copy your idea? I have a wish list a mile long of things I want from etsy.

Janelle Haskin said...

Happy birthday Diane!!! Leo's do rule! ;)

Sher, you should totally do it, it was so fun to put together all of my favorite things in one spot! :)

Iveth Morales said...

Oh, you just made me long for autumn so much!
I love autumn, is my favourite time of the year: the nicer, most comfortable, with the best clothes and shoes to wear, not to mention the wonderful landscapes :)


Ashley said...

I love your wishlist!

Here's hoping you get some awesome gifts on your day;) xx