Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best Coast


I just returned from a spontaneous long weekend away on the California coast. Although short, it was truly one of the best vacations I've ever taken. I could totally see myself relocating to the west at some point in my life. It just feels like such a healthy life-style... in the short time there, I drove my bike all over Santa Monica and Venice, ate fresh blueberries by the handful, walked to and from the beach numerous times, taking in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh salty air coming off the ocean.


I feel silly for feeling this way since I should just be happy I was even able to take off and have this experience, but I feel sad and slightly depressed. Does this happen to you? Is post-vaca blues a real thing?


Until next time California... <333


megan said...

It's totally real! ;)

I live in the San Francisco area so I'm always pleased when I hear out-of-staters sing their praises about the west coast. I love it here too! Good to hear that you've found somewhere that's "you."



Elettrarossa said...

Oh yes, it does exist! But you'll recover soon!!!