Monday, April 23, 2012

Pennsylvania Abandon Turnpike

Two Sunday's ago, a large group of us traveled 3 hours out towards Pittsburgh on the turnpike to walk the long stretch of land that used to be part of the Pennsyvania Turnpike. It was closed down in 1968 when they needed to expand the lanes to ease congestion. We walked about 14 miles in total, and went through one mile long tunnel that left us in complete darkness when our flashlights were turned off.

Fun side note::: Some of the movie "The Road" was filmed in the Sideling Hill Tunnel... pretty cool, right!! :)

A. Turnpike2


We all had a ton of fun, and I peed in the woods 4 times (Great Success!!) It was really a great trip, and I highly suggest it if you ever have the chance!



Sarah said...

It looks like you all had such fun! Looking at the photos I recognise some of it from The Road. xx

Elettrarossa said...

It looks a pretty cool walk! great pictures :D

Holly said...

Very cool! I love the photos with the light coming through the tunnel. :)